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Game Overview

The greatest battle ever to be fought by Napoleon is about to begin. The date is the 2nd of December 1805; a few miles east of Brunn in the province of Moldavia. Ranged across the barren Pratzen heights are the forces of the Austro-Russian army.

Using a unique system developed by Dr Peter Turcan; you are able to relive the battle, as you take command of either Napoleon’s Grand Armee or Czar Alexander’s joint Austro-Russian forces.

With the difficulties and complexities of Napoleonic warfare faithfully reproduced; AUSTERLITZ gives you the opportunity to rewrite the history books.


  • Play as either Napoleon or Czar Alexander
  • Unique battle system that relies on line of sight and chain of command
  • A detailed Battle Orders system that takes into account morale and unit experience
  • Hot seat multiplayer for up to two players



Original Release Date


Re-Release Date

October 3, 2019


Turcan Research Systems