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Game Overview

Finally, the threat of an atomic nightmare seems to be over. The equilibrium of terror that has held mankind under its spell for too long is about to lose its power. In CONFLICT: EUROPE we examine the diverse “what if …” scenarios that have dominated world history for the past forty years.

In this gripping simulation, the player experiences seven different conflict situations. A comparison is made between the effects of nuclear and conventional weapon systems and the relationship between NATO and the Warsaw Pact is examined. The careful and realistic study of these scenarios in CONFLICT: EUROPE clearly shows that everything must be done to prevent such a nightmare.


  • Represent either NATO or the WARSAW PACT.
  • Seven different conflict situations.
  • Full use of AWACS and reconnaissance.
  • Ground, Air, and Naval Forces included.
  • Range of nuclear and chemical fire plans
  • Special Forces raids.
  • Complex FSM based strategy system.


Turn-Based Strategy

Original Release Date


Re-Release Date

October 8th, 2020


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