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Game Overview

In the beginning there was a sword, a shield and six crystals. Forged in folklore, the enchantment of the sword and shield brought harmony to the land.

How they were stolen by the evil wizard Suzar and recovered by a group of stout adventurers is told in the Chronicles: the chapter of the Legend of the Sword. Now the wizard has the artifacts again and is threatening to use his mutant army to steep the land of Anar in the blackest night.

This time the wizard is wiser. This time, finding the crystals is your only hope. In the Chronicles the legend of The Final Battle is yet to be told. This is your chance to write the history.


  • An advanced adventure system with comprehensive player statistics
  • Real-time action
  • Top quality retro graphics with a 3D view for every location
  • A sophisticated weather system which covers all climatic changes
  • Fiendish puzzles and a complex plot



Original Release Date


Re-Release Date

September 12, 2019