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Game Overview

With the break up of the Superpower blocks, colonial wars ravage the world.

The development of powerful beam weapons and defensive energy shields have revolutionized ground warfare giving a new lease of life to the concept of the Armored Fighting Vehicle.

Propulsion systems have advanced beyond recognition. The development of the GRAV engine means tanks can skim across a battlefield at the speed of todays helicopter gun-ships.

FIREZONE simulates this new style of combat. It can be played as a solo game against a tough computer opponent or as a two player game. The player can control either of the two main protagonists – the EUROPEAN LEAGUE or the PACIFIC COMBINE – in any of the set scenarios. Victory is yours when the opposing forces are either wiped from the map or forced into mass retreat. Also incorporated is a scenario editor program allowing the player to design his own battles.

FIREZONE is a phased game and incorporates the latest in Artificial Intelligence techniques.


  • Phased game
  • Highly intelligent computer opponent
  • 9 pre-set missions on disk
  • Unique scenario generator
  • Hidden or open movement
  • 1 or 2 players
  • Multiple terrain types
  • Hex based scrolling maps
  • Variable unit types



Original Release Date


Re-Release Date

February 6, 2020


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