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Game Overview

The Shadowlord, the evil sorcerer who rules the Northern Shadowlands, has invaded the ancient lands of Galanor. In this fantasy wargame simulation, you must gather the free forces of Galanor and stem the advancing might of the Shadowland.

Call upon the ancient battle magic of Galanor’s warlike ancestral inhabitants; learn to use the magic and the powerful Rune Rings will hum to the force of your spell casting. The Shadowlord also knows the ancient secrets, so control of the Rings is essential if you are to defeat this malignant invader and his Demons of Chaos and earn the coveted title of SORCERER LORD.

Fortresses and citadels, a variety of terrains, and the near invisibility of the enemy forces combine to give you a challenging game in which your strategic and magical abilities are tested to the fullest.


  • Strategic and tactical map displays
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Save game option
  • Rune rings and magic spells
  • Highly intelligent computer opponent



Original Release Date


Re-Release Date

September 26, 2019