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Game Overview

Waterloo, Belgium, 1815: The most famous commanders in history meet on the most famous battleground in the world. And you are there, living the battle from the commander’s perspective!

At Waterloo, in the course of a single day, Napoleon’s dreams of an empire were shattered forever and Wellington secured his place as one of history’s greatest commanders. Now you can take the place of Napoleon or Wellington and lead the forces that shaped history!

Simple English language commands give you realistic control over regiments of infantry, cavalry, and artillery. The historical chains of command, battle reports and commander’s 3-D perspective keep you in the thick of the action.

Can you repeat Wellington’s triumph and defeat the most famous general of them all? Can you command the victory that eluded Napoleon’s grasp? The fate of nations is in your hands!


  • Exciting 3-D perspective on the battle.
  • View the battlefield from any location.
  • Take command as either Napoleon or Wellington.
  • Unique English language command system.
  • Includes full-color map of the Battle of Waterloo.
  • Complete historical briefing and order of battle.
  • Units deploy in line, column, and square formations.
  • For one and two players.



Original Release Date


Re-Release Date

October 4, 2019


Turcan Research Systems